Saturday 22nd May 2010
10.00am - 5.00pm

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

2009 event

Wild About the Wensum
Saturday 16th May 2009

Adult Education Guided Walks @ 11.15am / 1.00pm / 3.30pm
Archaeological Bones Display of Archaeological bones
Archery Fakenham
British Dragonfly Society Live larvae
British Trust for Ornithology Making paper birds
Bronze rubbing and info
Butterfly Conservation Badge Making
Car parking and fun games
DW Tipping Wood Carvings
Energy Saving Trust Energy Saving Freebies and info
Environmental issues re:food waste
EP Youth Face Painting
Fakenham Area Conservation Team
Fakenham Area Partnership
Fakenham High School Role Model Project
Fakenham High School Team Eco
Fakenham Lancaster Baden-Powell Air Scout Group
Fakenham Learning Communtiy
Fakenham Museum Display on Darwin
Fakenham Young Naturalists Quiz and jigsaw Guided walk @ 11.30am / 2.30pm
Friends of Steve Newing House Making and decorating bugs
Guide in the Wader Scrape hide all day
Hawk and Owl Trust Owl Crafts and pellet dissection
Hog Roast
Interactive migration map
Mask making
Natural Gardens Wildlife friendly plants
Norfolk & Norwich Naturalist’s Society
Norfolk Amphibian & Reptile Group
Norfolk Bee Keepers Bee Information
Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership EVENT SPONSOR
Norfolk Constabulary
Norfolk County Council – environment
Norfolk Family Learning Art Activities
Norfolk Farmhouse Ice Cream
Norfolk Federation of Women’s Institutes
Norfolk Fungus Study Group Hands on display
Norfolk Moths Moths and larvae
Norfolk Ornithologists’ Association
Norfolk Ramblers Association Guided walk at 10.30am
Norfolk Wildlife Trust Guided walk with David North @ 11.30am
North Norfolk Carvers Club
North Norfolk District Council Compost give away
North Norfolk District Council Mask Making
North West Division Guides Fun Games
Red Squirrels
Rig a Jig Jig music
Role Model Project
RSPB Badge Making
RSPCA x-rays and brass rubbings
Ryburgh Wildlife Group Guided walk with Steve Cale @ 2.30pm
Team Eco
Wensum Valley Birdwatching Society
Wensum Valley Trust
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Badge making
World Of Woodlice Invertebrate display

2008 event

The 2008 nominated species was Marsh Harrier
Above is the Marsh Harrier cut-out. Click on the image for a large version. Then right-click > save as > print your own copy!

Scenes from the 2008 event

2007 event

The 2007 nominated species was Bittern. Funding received by the Norfolk Ornithologists’ Association following Wild About the Wensum 2007 was spent on ditch restoration at the NOA’s Hempton Marsh Reserve. Clearing of the North Ditch on the reserve took place in February 2008 and has significantly improved the drainage of the reserve, enhancing the habitat for wetland species such as Bittern and also Water Vole. This ditch work is an important part of a wider management plan to the site and was achieved with the support of money raised at the Wild About the Wensum event.

Ditch before clearing (top) and ditch after clearing (bottom).